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Guardian will always offer and promise zero fees to all buyers.  Any buyer working with us will never be charged.  Our team of experts has the local knowledge, skills and experience to help you through what would otherwise be a very stressful buying process.  We will take you step by step to ensure a successful, stress free transaction.  Starting with property hunting we will guide you through mortgage offers, home tours, legal paperwork, first time home buyer savings, mass save information, appraisals,

pre-approvals, home inspection, closings and more.  We’ll help you meet your goals with ease with individualized and personalized information to match every one of your needs.


  • Define your buying objectives - needs, wants, location, square feet.

  • Writing an Offer- What it means to write an offer and what happens when the offer is presented to the seller.

  • Home Inspections - Learn what a home inspection is and how to find the right inspector for you.

  • Lead Paint - Lead paint disclosure and how it affects you.

  • Title 5 - An explanation of Title 5 inspection and how it is conducted.

  • Purchase & Sales - The signing of the Purchase and Sales agreement.

  • Financing & the Appraisal - We will help facilitate the mortgage process.

  • Home Owners Insurance - Types of insurance buyers must get in order to get a mortgage.

  • Declaration of Homestead - Protecting yourself against collectors.

  • Home Warranty - How a home warranty can protect you.

  • Final Walk-Through - Checking the home again before passing papers.

  • The Closing - What happens at the closing or "passing papers" and how to prepare for it.

Steps to Home Buying

Moving In
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